FLIA Convening focusing on Food Justice, October 5, 2019.

Food AND Medicine has incorporated faith groups into our organizing for over a decade. Out of that work grew Faith Linking in Action (FLIA), a group of Bangor region congregations working together through Food AND Medicine's programs to “go upstream” to address the reasons people are falling into and getting stuck in poverty. Participants include most major faith traditions in our region.

Current FLIA member congregations include:

    • Hammond Street Congregational Church, UCC, Bangor
    • St. Patrick's Episcopal Church, Brewer
    • Islamic Center of Maine, Orono
    • Unitarian Universalist Society of Bangor
    • First United Methodist Church, Bangor
    • First Baptist Church, Bangor

Outreach to Congregations: You can help tremendously in this work by hosting a presentation/discussion at which active Faith Linking in Action participants from several faith communities could share the purpose of our work and ways to get involved. We can adapt the format and length to suit your needs. We would be happy to meet with you or your leadership group to discuss what this could look like in your congregation.

Our Approach:  We are learning and practicing faith-based community organizing, a method used by congregations across the US and world to improve the lives of their people and communities.

Faith-based community organizing:

  • Builds power through developing deep relationships in our communities
  • Supports ordinary people, including those in poverty, to become community leaders
  • Researches the root causes of  problems to engage with decision-makers in our region to find innovative solutions to issues facing our region.

To learn more about the process of faith-based community organizing, contact Food AND Medicine at fam@foodandmedicine.org