The FAM Greenhouse, which has been in operation since 2009, provides a space to grow food for donations to local food pantries or seedlings to distribute or plant in community gardens.

History: In 2009, a greenhouse was built at the Solidarity Center with donated inspiration, time, and materials from Jack McKay, Laura Binger, Thom Young, Paul Volckhausen, Erika Bailey, Emery Deabay, Tom Adamo, and others.  Garnering inspiration from local food operations in Blue Hill and Belfast, the greenhouse committee created a sketch for the greenhouse that became reality thanks to the Broad Reach Fund, the Greenhouse Project, and Lane Construction.  Since 2009, several Agriculture Organizers and Greenhouse Interns/Coordinators have moved the structure forward by growing food for a variety of uses and showcasing the greenhouse as an education laboratory.  These efforts were made possible through the work of Alix Johns, Bonnie McLellan and Shannon Brenner in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Current Greenhouse Activities: 2016 was an exciting year for the FAM Greenhouse. Vegetable seedlings were grown in the spring and are being planted in the community gardens that Food AND Medicine has built at the Bangor Area Recovery Network (BARN) in Brewer and at Crestwood Place senior housing in Bangor.

Additional raised bed gardens are planned for 2017, for which FAM’s Greenhouse will provide seedlings.


greenhouse2Those interested in helping further the mission of the greenhouse should investigate volunteer opportunities by contacting us at or calling 207-989-5860.