Union Supported Agriculture

Union Supported Agriculture (USA) is a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program that works to create a relationship of mutual support between local farmers and members.  Members purchase a “share” at the beginning of the growing season, thereby taking a stake in the farm’s success while assuming its risks, and receiving a weekly share of the vegetables (or flowers) that have come to maturity during that week.  Members can purchase other local foods like eggs, canned goods, and meats.

Co-sponsored by Food AND Medicine and the Eastern Maine Labor Council, USA was originally designed to foster a connection between local farmers and labor. USA has expanded to become a “community union” of people based on the belief that union values of mutual aid and solidarity mix well with local food, fair labor practices, and supporting the growth of more vibrant and healthy communities. While many members are also members of local unions, it is not necessary to be a union member to join.

USA works with Happytown Farm in Orland to provide fresh, organic, local food to members. Member shares provide financial support and stability for the farm and keep local money in the local economy. Payment can be made by check or by committing to a Work Share. Individuals who receive SNAP benefits (formerly food stamps) are eligible for shares at a 50% discount. See Pay with SNAP for details. A limited number of SNAP shares are available, so please contact us if you are interested.

Shares can be picked up at several different locations. Please contact Food AND Medicine for the 2017 Share prices and pick-up locations.

If you have questions about the program, contact Food AND Medicine (207-989-5860 or FAM@foodandmedicine.org).